Kleenoil offer Worldwide support - contact your nearest distributor direct - by clicking on their homepage - or call us 

Kleenoil USA covers most of the Americas and more, being a motivated agency with vast support and expertise... housing some of the most successful agents under the Kleenoil name.

Kleenoil CANADA is one of our oldest and most esteemed agents operating closely with Kleenoil USA to provide a network of customer support across the two countries.

Kleenoil INDIA is one of our oldest, most established agents and specialise in mobile units for factory applications, although their expertise covers all applications.

Kleenoil Sweden head an extensive team throughout the Baltics, specialising in O.E.M and onsite filtration services.

Kleenoil work in the Netherlands with a forward thinking company IJSSELL who have a fountain of knowledge in filtration and condition monitoring.

Kleenoil POLAND have made an overwhelming success of hire and service of the Kleenoil MS Units alongside offering installations and condition monitoring.

Kleenoil Middle East is one of our newest and most innovative associates focusing in the Marine Sector on both oils & fuels but with a diverse team in all fields of filtration.

Kleenoil Brazil serve an area with huge oil and fuel contamination problems with the expertise to offer service support.

Astrea represent the Kleenoil product in New Zealand - visit their site for full contact details.

Kleenoil AUSTRALIA serve an area with huge oil and fuel contamination problems with the expertise to offer service support.

Kleenoil CHINA have grown from strength to strength in an ever changing industry; marketing to plant and machinery across the country.

Kleenoil South Africa are one of our most successful and knowledgeable agents, working in climates that necessitate extra filtration.

Kleenoil ISRAEL offer a multitude of oil and fuel cleaning services.

Kleenoil NIGERIA are quite new to Kleenoil but are moving forward in all areas of oil and fuel hygiene.


Become a KLEENOIL Distributor

If you feel KLEENOIL is a product that will compliment your portfolio : or you would like to start up an opportunity to run your own service in oil cleaning - contact us direct 

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