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MS6. Micron Filtration Unit with Six 9788.


  • Frame to suit customer specification
  • 6 x 9788 Super Duty Filter Unit
  • Mono type range pump - approx. 2000 litres per hour
  • 230/240v motor with heat overload switch 
  • Safety bypass valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Isolator & On/Off switch
  • Pressure relief switch
  • Sampling point
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • 3 metre suction and return lines.


Additional Options:

  • 20-inch polypropylene pre-filter
  • magnetic pre filter
  • Core-magnet fitted to existing filter units
  • Free standing Bund c/w • Safety float switch
  • Various electric configurations or air driven
  • Particle counter
  • S,M,L pumps 500-750/750-1200/1000-1500 litres per hour
  • 240v/415v/110v
  • General Filter Cart information

    Micron Filtration System

    A simple to use ‘filter cart’ achieving 3 microns absolute and removing all water as it is formed.

    Simply ‘plug and play’ ;

    • You choose your voltage type;
    • configuration of cart according to your use and tank volumes you intend to clean.
    • We always recommend adding the Micromag filter for visual aid as well as its ability to remove all ferrous material as a prefilter.

    Plug in electrics; Ensure your feed and return pipes are placed in suitable positions in tank to optimise efficiency: and start cleaning.

    Our engineers offer permanent or quick release connections to tank if required.

    When a filter change is due ;

    • Simply unbolt lids, extricate old filters, push in new filter, screw ids back on and run.
    • When the Magfilter is fully loaded, drain oil, unscrew, wipe with tool provided or rag, screw back on and run.

    Flow rate is susceptible to contamination levels, temperature, fluid type etc – so a general rule is 250 lph per filter unit on each cart.

    With cellulose, depth filtration; the technique of thorough cleansing is slow and continuous.

    Remember - if you try to pump viscous oil quickly, you are likely to encounter air bubbles forming inside the machine which damage the pump and oxidize the oil. Don’t focus on ‘fast’ cleaning, focus on thorough cleaning.

    This level of filtration is often termed as ‘end stage’ or polishing.

    Volume/weight load of particulate is susceptible to type of contamination, flow rates, fluid type, general conditions etc,

    Volume of water contained is aprx. 750ml per filter.

    When using a filter cart, the oil is taken from a dirty sump, filtered, and returned to the dirty sump. The cleanliness of the filtered oil is diluted, so to speak, by the dirty oil residing in the tank. To overcome the dilution effect, the tank volume must pass through the filter approximately seven times to achieve the equivalent of single-pass filtration (where the oil is pumped from one container to another through a filter).

    For example, if you have a 30-litre tank and a filter cart that pumps at 5 litres per minute you need to run the cart for 42 minutes to equal single-pass filtration (30 litre multiplied by 7, divided by 5 lpm). If you want to achieve two-pass filtration, you must engage the offline filter for 82 minutes or about an hour and a half; but we always advise – the longer the better!

    Therefore – a 30000 ltr tank would be best cleaned with a KLEENOIL MS8 for a full period of 5 days (24/7) and based on contamination levels; minimum 1 filter change on day 3 change to achieve indicators.

    Use this rule of thumb to manage scheduling activities where portable filtration is rotated from machine to machine within the plant.


    Also utilise your machine for;

    • Transferring lubricants to storage containers
    • Transferring filtered oil to a machine
    • Cleaning stored lubricants
    • Achieving new oil cleanliness standards
    • Reconditioning or decontaminating lubricants currently in use
    • Draining used oil from equipment
    • Providing contamination control functions like hose cleaning, power flushing, directional wand flushing and line flushing