When one thinks about the cost of an oil change, the first factor that comes to mind is the replacement cost of the oil in terms of currency per volume (£/litre, etc.). The actual cost of replacing oil is estimated to be between 2-5 times the cost of the oil itself.

Other factors that add into the cost of replacing the oil is labour and handling, administrative work, loss of production, filter changes, new oil inspection, new oil filtration, system flushing and in some cases, disposal costs.

Let KLEENOIL do the work for you !

Kleenoil engineers visit on an agreed monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly interval.

We will:

  • Check machine, oil and filtration condition

  • Change filtration cartridges as required on full flow/pressure, air breathers and supporting filtration

  • Dispose of used filters, if required

  • Oil sample through an independent laboratory

  • Provide full reports and recommendations

  • Consolidate and minimise your filtration spend with a clear cost report and free carbon footprint reduction analysis.

The service is completely FREE OF CHARGE within the UK Mainland.
Only consumables are charged for - callout, labour, service, and disposal free of charge.

If we are concerned about your oils condition : through oil analysis; we will alert you immediately.

The KLEENOIL service group


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