“Kleenoil is manufactured in the U.K, & available Worldwide through a network of Kleenoil Distributorships”

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"Following the Israeli-Egyptian war of 1974, Kleenoil was developed to solve ways of conserving oil supplies mainly in transport, then in 1986 turned to export after ten years of growth in its domestic market, which has grown to be its largest, directly supplying most countries."

''Made in Britain''




Our central manufacturing base in the U.K enables us to export to all major destinations, working closely with all our distributors to share the knowledge and solutions to everchanging problems of machinery and lubrication hygiene.



KLEENOIL was originally a subsiduary of British Tissues, then the largest paper manufacturer in the U.K - started in the late 70's during the then well known 'save-it' campaigns as a means to conserving oil supplies, particularly during a new era where transportation was migrating from rail to road. Being developed to primarliy extend life of engine oil: Kleenoil made a significant impact on the U.K Vehicle market and was well known throughout transport garages.
Then, at the end of the Yom Kipur War: oil production stabilized, prices collapsed and costs savings were negated, yet having operated Kleenoil systems by then over 10 years, users found the reduction of component wear by keeping oil clean was such a tangible benefit, sales continued to soar within the Haulage market, and Kleenoil was being sold primarily to the larger fleet hire companies such as Hill Hire, then Chart Hire, Transfeet and MVC.
During this time Kleenoil was adopted as an Agency in Australia, installing all the bus fleets in Victoria as well as many hauliers and the biggest bakery supplier, this led to further Agents establishing in Indonesia and Singapore primarily to logging companies. Then India fishing vessels,then industry...
The interest from other Countries took to Keenoil entering into several trade missions particularly in the Middle East, then South Africa, then hitting the European Market, particularly France, Germany, Netherlands and then into Sweden and Norway. 
Attaining these markets found us an Agent in Canada which gained momentum to hit the USA market and consequently we have Agents in almost every territory of the Americas now, and more recently New Zealand, Mexico, Poland and now our most recent conquests of Nigeria, Ghana, Emirates, Saudi, Jordan, Vietnam, China and Brazil.
Nearly all the Agencies initially targeted haulage, bus fleets and plant equipment, but longer oil drain intervals, and the onset of new fuels and lubricants offering up further contamination problems, we have found new directions into factory applications, particularly in hydraulics where cleanliness is critical. 
Everyday we find new markets for the applications of Kleenoil.  The direction in the U.K has moved primarily to large bus fleets such as StageCoach and Transdev, and Council refuse groups where the benefits are essential in so many ways, to hydraulics in factory equipment and now serious solutions to biofuel and tank cleaning.
Kleenoil is without doubt now the market leader in depth filtration media, and whilst through our years of trading, many have copied the concept - we still remain the largest manufacturer and supplier.


The Kleenoil system continues to offer the best solution of fine filtration, and now with finer engine and fuel system tolerances, and machine manufacturers working towards the lowest maintenance, highest production yielding systems - never has filtration been so important.




Specialist filtration of all mineral fluids : oils & fuels.




tel - uk (44) 0 1977 682810







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