Applications of the Kleenoil System ...

Power Generation

Generator sets


For companies renting power generator sets all over industry, efficient and cost effective maintenance isn't easy to achieve.


Equipment failures due to water and excessive contamination are common.


Kleenoil offer a simple and affordable filtration system to assure perfectly clean OIL and FUEL cleanliness.

Oil changes can be extended from 400-500 hrs up to 2.000 hrs.


Construction and mining


In environments where oils and fuels are succeptible to contamination not only from the topography, but also human intervention - a 'back-up' level of filtration is key to continuous operation.


Extending oil life can be implemented with confidence in these hardworking systems.


leisure, commercial and offshore support.


With so many problems in offshore fuels and oils - Kleenoil can address water, particulate, cat fines and general contaminant.

We help maintain clean oil for diesel engines, thrusters, cranes, lubrication systems, winches, and broad range of on-board equipment as well as protection of critical hydraulic systems for wharf and loading docks that support marine vessels.

Kleenoil can protect any oil, hydraulic and fuel system on Military Vessels, Submarines, Container Ships, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Passenger Vessels, Ferries, Fishing Vessels, Dredgers, Work Ships, Tugs & Barges, Canal Boats and Yachts.


from process to engineering.


Process Fluid cost reductions have a dramatic impact on a manufacturer's cost reduction goals.

Kleenoil can dramatically reduce costs, improve part quality, increase tool life and decrease downtime. 


Our on-site service can play a key role in easing the rigmarol of extra filtration.


All hydraulic equipment fiited with servo-valves and proportional valves, Lift Equipment, Stamping press, Coil washing systems. Engine manufacturing, Transmission manufacturing, Assemblies, Injection Molding Equipment, Drivetrain Components manufacture - etc


fuels and oils




on a wide range of equipment...

Injection and blow molding plastic machines Stamping press Bending, cutting, punching press Rubber press Hydraulic robots Test benches All types and models of hydraulic power packs in paper, printing, steel & iron, car manufacturing and assembling, and petro-chemical industry Hydraulic systems of harbor, mobile and construction machinery.


Hydraulic oils can be cleaned back to new - and cleanliness is critical to ensure trouble free operation.

Specialist filtration of all mineral fluids : oils & fuels.



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