On-Site Machinery & System Filtration

If your machinery has suffered a component failure - such as a ram break up, valve block failure or water ingress - or you have any other type of contamination in your system, our service will get your machinery oil ISO level back to normal.


Our team can do all the work for you ; This on-site filtration process could include:


We can install the right KLEENOIL System direct to any engine - Vehicles, boats, Forklifts, Generators - 

This will maintain oil cleanliness levels throughout operation. 

Extend oil life

Extend oil drain intervals

Extend standard filter life

Run your engine on continuously clean oil.


Using a pressure reducing valve : KLEENOIL can be installed on all manner of hydraulic equipment suffering contamination or moisture in oils.

KLEENOIL is installed on hydraulic lift equipment, power packs, moulding machines, corrugators, bundle breakers, etc.

Where your machine constantly suffers from poor lubrication, KLEENOIL is a simple and affordable solution.


KLEENOIL will support Installation with an optional maintenance programme; 

Kleenoil engineers visit on an agreed monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly interval.

We will:

  • Check machine, oil and filtration condition

  • Change filtration cartridges as required on full flow/pressure, air breathers and supporting filtration

  • Dispose of used filters, if required

  • Oil sample through an independent laboratory

  • Provide full reports and recommendations

  • Consolidate and minimise your filtration spend with a clear cost report and free carbon footprint reduction analysis

The service is completely FREE OF CHARGE within the UK Mainland.

Only consumables are charged for - callout, labour, service, and disposal free of charge.

KLEENOIL will identify each machine under the maintenance programme with a QR code that enables any operator to view the machines history of maintenance and oil results on site at any time.


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